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The Other Demi Might Be In Rehab Too

Before we get into this, can I just say that relatives don’t let relatives do the ayúdame lunge at a fucking Disney star. That little boy needs to adjust his side-eye a little to the right to focus on that woman with the Coach purse who is trying to reach out to Demi Lovato like she’s a demigod who can heal all ailments or some shit. Okay, now that we’ve gotten that PSA out of the way…

Blind Gossip, the site that wrote the blind item about how some girl star is back to her snorting ways, has confirmed that their own blind item is about Demi Lovato. They heard from a friend of Demi’s that she is going for another round of rehab and has checked into Passages in Malibu to get help for her addictions to booze and coke. Blind Gossip says that Demi’s friends passed their blind item to her management team and it was the push in the asshole everyone needed to get her into treatment again. The moral of the story is: BLIND ITEMS SAVE LIVES! Blind items are the Candy Finnigan of the gossip world. But wait…

Demi’s rep, one of the people who supposedly helped to get her into rehab, tells Gossip Cop that Blind Gossip’s story is “a crock of shit.

Now, there’s evidence FOR and AGAINST the rumor that Demi is clearing her blood veins of the bad shit next to the other Demi in rehab.

FOR: Demi recently put her Twitter page on pause and a thirsty ho like her would only do that if she was forced to hand over her communication device while checking into rehab.

AGAINST: Demi recently jumped off of Wilmer Valderrama’s dick for a final time, which means that the inside of her head has finally reached a moment of clarity and she finally realized that Fez is a hit it, quit it, cleanse your coochie of it kind of douche.

But the evidence that is truly making me believe that this “DemiLo in rehab” rumor is false is the professional statement from DemiLo’s rep. Only a professional, honorable and ethical individual would use the words “crock of shit” when discussing their client’s personal life to the media. Or maybe Gossip Cop just happened to call Demi’s rep as he discovered that his dog did god’s work by taking a shit on his favorite pair of CROCs. That’s probably what happened.

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